Chapter 1. General provision
    Article 1 (Purpose)

      The purpose of these terms and conditions is to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities between the company and the member in relation to the TkitaNote service provided by Air Sound Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) and the procedures for the member's service use.

    Article 2 (Clarification, Effect and Change of Terms and Conditions)

      A. The company posts the contents of these Terms and Conditions, company name, company location, name of the representative, business registration number, contact information, etc. on the Tkita Note website and Mobile Tkita Note where the service is provided so that the members and those who want to use the service can recognize them.

      B. When the company revises these terms and conditions, the date of application of the amended terms and the reason for the amendment shall be specified, and notified along with the current terms and conditions by the method of paragraph A above from 7 days before the effective date to the day before the effective date. The amended terms and conditions will not be applied retroactively before the effective date unless retroactive effect is given in the amended terms and conditions.

      C. These terms and conditions are the basic agreement of the service use contract established between the company and the member. If necessary, the company may set and notify in advance the matters to be applied with respect to specific services (hereinafter referred to as “individual terms and conditions”). When a member agrees to these individual terms and conditions and uses a specific service, the individual terms and conditions take precedence, and these terms and conditions have a supplementary effect. Articles A and B above apply mutatis mutandis to posting or changing individual terms and conditions. However, the company may post individual terms and conditions on the management page of the Tkita Note website.

      D. The company may enter into a contract (hereinafter referred to as “individual contract”) different from the contents stipulated in these terms and conditions and individual terms and conditions (hereinafter “terms, etc.”) with specific members individually. In this case, the individual contract takes precedence over the terms, etc. In addition, the company issues the contract details in writing (including electronic documents) to members who have signed an individual contract or allows them to check on the management page of the website.

    Article 3 (Relationship with related laws)

      A. The company shall not engage in unfair acts such as collusion with other online service providers in relation to the determination of charges (referring to any money the company receives from users in return for providing services to users, such as service usage fees in Article 29) and service usage fees

    Article 4 (Definition of Terms)

      A. Definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.

      1. Member : A person who has approved these terms and conditions and signed a service use contract with the company. Members are divided into individual members and corporate members according to the type of subscription, and into general members and corporate members according to the purpose of service use, and can be switched between each other as determined by the company. These terms and conditions apply to both general and corporate members.
      2. ID : Refers to the registered e-mail address set (authenticated) by the member and approved by the company for member identification and service use. If you apply for use by simple sign-up (a method of linking account information of other services), the e-mail address registered for the service is automatically set. If the set ID address cannot be used normally, important notifications such as transactions and notices may not be sent, and the member is solely responsible for it.
      3. Password : A combination of letters (including special characters) and numbers set by the member and approved by the company to confirm the identity of the member and to protect the member information.
      4. Nickname : alias set at the time of registration and used by the member as information that can identify the member together with or on behalf of the ID on the Tkita Note site and mobile Tkita Note.
      5. Paid service : means a service or product that a member can use only after paying a certain amount. Details of paid services are described on the respective service or product information page.
      6. Payment : means that the member pays the company a certain amount set by the company through various payment methods to use the paid service.
      7. Purchase : means the act of selecting the paid service that the member wants to use and paying the price by payment through the payment method so that the company can accept the use of the paid service and provide the paid service.
      8. Profile : Refers to the service screen provided so that users can check the member's profile and/or service use related information.
      9. Community : is a bulletin board where members can check the service and information related to the provided service.
      10. Termination : refers to the act of terminating the agreement of the Tkita Note service use by the company or member.

      B. The meanings of terms in these terms and conditions that are not defined in item A above are based on general service use practices.

Chapter 2 Service Use Agreement
    Article 5 (Establishment of Service Use Agreement)

      A. The contract for use of the service provided by the company (hereinafter “the contract of use”) is established when the company approves the application for use (application for membership) of the person who wants to use the service. The company notifies the applicant for use by posting the intention to accept the use on the service screen or by e-mail or other methods.

    Article 6 (Application for Service Use)

      A. The application for use is done by the customer recording the following in the registration application form on the user registration screen of the service.

      1. ID : ID in the form of e-mail address, e-mail authentication required
      2. Password
      3. Other items deemed necessary by the company

      B. When applying for use, the items in the entry forms may vary according to whether the member is an individual or a company, and in the case of a corporate member, the following additional items are required.

      1. Real name authentication through mobile phone
      2. Verification of validity of business registration number
      3. Company name
      4. Representative name
      5. Business address
      6. Email for tax invoice issuance
      7. Name of person in charge
      8. A company phone number, or a mobile phone number of the person in charge or the employee in charge
      9. Bank account information in the name of the company or representative

      C. In addition to the required items in A and B above, the company may request the applicant to provide information such as occupation, hobbies, and interests in order to provide various useful information to members. However, the applicant for use may refuse to provide such information.

    Article 7 (Approval of application for use)

      A. In principle, if the user accurately describes the matters stipulated in Article 6 and agrees to these Terms and Conditions, the company will approve the use of the service through the prescribed procedure.

    Article 8 (Restrictions on Approval of Application for Use)

      A. The company may refuse to accept the application for use in the following cases.

      1. In case of false application when registering as a user, such as stealing someone else's name
      2. When a person under the age of 14 applies for use
      3. When the email (ID) is already registered
      4. In case there is omission or error in user registration
      5. When an application is made for the purpose of impairing, or impairing the social well-being or good morals
      6. If there is a history of previously losing membership in accordance with Article 12
      7. In case the application requirements set by the company are not satisfied

      B. Some of the service use may be restricted depending on the member's qualifications or age.

      C. The company may withhold approval of the application for use in the following cases. In this case, the company notifies the applicant of the reason for the reservation of approval, the time when approval is possible, or other matters related to the reservation of approval, such as additional requested information and data necessary for approval, on the service screen or via e-mail.

      1. If there is no room for the facility or there is a technical problem
      2. If the applicant's real name is not confirmed in the real name verification procedure of the company
      3. If the person applying for corporate membership does not provide evidence or additional information under Article 7, Paragraph B
      4. Other cases deemed necessary by the company

    Article 9 (Termination of Service Use Agreement)

      A. The member or the company may terminate the service use agreement according to the procedure stipulated in these terms and conditions.

      1. Members may terminate the service use agreement at any time by notifying the company of their intention to terminate.
      2. The company provides a procedure to terminate the service use agreement online.
      3. The service use agreement is terminated when the member's intention to terminate reaches the company.
      4. A member who has terminated membership pursuant to this paragraph may re-join as a member in accordance with the membership registration procedure and related provisions stipulated in these terms and conditions. However, if a member applies for re-registration after withdrawing from membership for illegal purposes, the company may restrict re-registration for a certain period of time.
      5. Even if there is a remaining time for the paid service, the paid service will be terminated immediately upon termination, and in this case, the member himself/herself shall bear the disadvantages due to the inability to withdraw or cancel the transaction.

    Article 10 (Termination of Company's Service Use Agreement)

      A. The company may terminate the service use contract for the following reasons. In this case, the company notifies the member of the intention to terminate by stating the reason for termination through e-mail, telephone, text message, fax, or other methods. In this case, the company may give the member an opportunity to state his/her opinion on the reason for termination in advance.

      1. When it is confirmed that the member has a reason for restricting the approval of the application for use as stipulated in Article 8
      2. When a member violates the rights, honor, credit, or other legitimate interests of the company, other members or others
      3. When a member acts or attempts to interfere with the smooth service provision of the company
      4. In the event that there is a cause that makes it impossible or difficult for the member to use the normal service, such as bankruptcy, incompetence, quasi-incompetence, decision or declaration of rehabilitation/bankrupty, or death, declaration of disappearance, insolvency, etc. (However, in this case, the company may take measures such as suspension of membership and restriction of service use to protect transaction safety instead of terminating the use contract.)
      5. When a member acts in violation of these terms and conditions or a cause for termination stipulated in these terms and conditions occurs

      B. The service use contract is terminated when the company's intention to terminate the service reaches the member, but if the company cannot notify the user of the intention to terminate due to an error in the contact information provided by the member, the company will notify the user in the notification of Tikita Note service or by sending an e-mail to the verified e-mail address. The use of service will be terminated after 3 days from the time of notification of intention of termination. In this case, all member rights are suspended and extinguished from the time of notice, and if there is a reason to restore rights 3 days before, the rights are restored retroactively.

      C. If the company notifies or announces the termination of the service use contract, the company may immediately cancel the service related to the member without additional notice, and the payment for the service paid by the user with a credit card can be cancelled.

Chapter 3 Service Use
    Article 11 (Start of use of service)

      A. According to the type of service, the company publishes the characteristics, procedure, and payment method of each service on the Tikita Note website. Members must fully understand in advance each service posted by the company before using the service.

      B. The company starts providing the service when the member's application for use is approved. However, in the case of some services, the service provision starts from the specified date.

      C. In order to use the service, the member agrees to communication with an external computer to perform the following functions.

      1. Function to send voice data to Tikita Note server for voice analysis and receive analysis results
      2. The ability to maintain software updates to provide stable services
      3. Various communication functions necessary to provide other services

      D. If the service cannot be provided due to a business problem or a technical problem of the company, it is notified on the web site or directly to the member.

    Article 12 (Suspension and restriction of Service Use)

      A. For the stability and reliability of service use, the company may suspend membership, restrict the use of the service, or take other necessary measures as stipulated in these terms and conditions. Members with suspended membership cannot use the service, including paid services.

      B. If the company suspends membership, restricts the use of services, or takes other necessary measures, the company will notify the member in advance through phone or e-mail or other methods, unless otherwise specified in these terms and conditions. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances such as loss of contact with members or urgent need, notice may be given after taking advance measures. Members may raise objections to the company's actions, and the company may cancel the actions if the member's objection is deemed justified.

      C. If it is confirmed that the member has voluntarily terminated the contract of use during suspension of use or has applied for re-use through another account, the company may refuse to accept the application for use based on Article 9 of these Terms and Conditions.

      D. The company may restrict or suspend all or part of the service if the member commits any of the following acts while using the service.

      • Illegal act within the system
        1. Crimes and illegal acts such as sending spam information or distributing malicious code programs using the company's services and systems
        2. Unauthorized commercialization of the company's software
        3. Accessing or attacking the company's system in an abnormal way
        4. Commercial use of the company's information and data by copying, sharing, scraping, or other methods on their own or through a third party without legitimate authority
        5. Any system misconduct in accordance with each of the above acts
      • Bad manners
        1. Continuing unilateral requests in relation to service use and payment
        2. Threats, abusive language, slander, and insults
        3. Acts that may humiliate the company's executives and employees, counselors, part-timers, and job consignees
        4. Any unethical and business-obstructive behaviors that are equivalent to the acts in each subparagraph above
      • Abusing the customer inquiry function provided by the company
        1. Promotion of certain services and products
        2. Suggestions for job openings, job search, etc.
        3. Sending content and attachments that violate public order and morals
        4. Sending spam messages for the purpose of interfering with the other party's work
        5. Abuse of any inquiry/answer function that is equivalent to the above activities
        6. Feedback or response to the service is not proceeding
        7. In case it is confirmed that answering or responding to the company's contact is intentionally avoided
        8. Any non-response behavior in accordance with each of the above
      • Infringement of rights
        1. Acts of using services through other people's information
        2. In case of refusal or negligence to modify member information for illegal purposes such as avoidance of sanctions
        3. In case of infringing on the rights of third parties such as copyright and portrait rights through various acts of transaction
        4. Acts that infringe the personal information of other members in violation of the company's privacy policy or related laws
        5. Acts that damage the reputation, credibility, or legitimate interests of others and the company
        6. Any act of infringement of rights that is equivalent to the act of each of the above

      E. The company may restrict the use of the service and take other necessary measures if there are other valid reasons to suspect that terms and conditions or laws are violated, or there is an illegal or unreasonable act.

Chapter 4 Use of Paid Services
    Article 13 (Payment for paid service)

      A. Members who wish to use the paid service must pay the usage fee in a regular payment method every 30 days, and the company posts details and changes related to the usage fee on the Tkita Note site.

      B. The payment methods that members can use for payment are as follows. However, depending on the circumstances of the company, certain payment methods may be added or service provision may be suspended.

      1. Affiliated credit cards
      2. Integrated billing of affiliated telecommunication companies
      3. Affiliated Gift Certificates
      4. Affiliated online account transfer
      5. Other payment methods provided by affiliates

      C. The company may set the monthly cumulative payment amount and payment limit per member according to internal policies, external payment companies (banks, credit card companies, etc.) and other related laws and regulations for the transaction amount of members who use paid services. If you want to use a paid service that exceeds the transaction limit set by the company, additional use of the paid service may not be possible due to the transaction limit being exceeded.

      D. When the circumstances of Article 13 Paragraph B occur, the company informs the member so that the member can check whether payment is possible in the payment page at the time of payment.

      E. Paid service payment fees and charges incurred in relation to service use are displayed on the ‘Payment Information’ page and automatically charged to the payment method registered at the time of payment. The payment cycle is determined by the service type selected by the member when paying for the paid service.

      F. The company guides the member to know the matters in each of the following subparagraphs on the use screen, etc. before the member purchases the paid service and in order to prevent mistaken purchases by members, the paid service items that members want to pay for are displayed on the final payment page.

      1. Paid service name
      2. Features provided by paid services
      3. Check whether additional automatic translation service (additional service) is used
      4. Transaction conditions such as price, automatic payment guidance, whether subscription can be withdrawn or cancelled, and refund

      G. If the registered payment method is not processed normally or in some other circumstances, such as system errors, the payment date may be changed. In this case, you can check the changed payment date on the ‘Payment Information’ page.

      H. In order to use the paid service, a payment method that can be paid normally must be registered. If automatic payment is not processed normally due to reasons such as the validity period expiration or insufficient balance, the member's use of all services may be restricted until the payment is completed.

      I. Members can change the payment method on the ‘Payment Information’ page, and the payment method can be changed within the scope of Paragraph A.

    Article 14 (Use of Paid Services)

      A. The paid service use contract is established when the company approves the member's application for use, and if the service cannot be started due to the company's technical reasons or other circumstances, the member is notified in advance in accordance with the method of Article 2.

      B. The types of paid services provided by the company to members are as follows.

      1. Tkita Note Live Caption : Provides voice recording, real-time voice-to-text conversion, and saving of text conversion records
      2. Tkita Note Live Meeting : Provides group creation and participation for remote conference recording, voice recording, real-time voice-to-text conversion, and saving of text conversion records
      3. Automatic translation service : Automatic translation service: Automatic translation service for text conversion records provided through Tkita Note Live Caption or Tkita Note Live Meeting
      4. Details of each paid service are described on the service information page.

      C. Members agree to use paid services in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, or other restrictions related to the use of content. The company is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by copying, distributing, creating secondary works, or selling content and information obtained by members through paid services.

    Article 15 (Withdrawal, Change, Termination, Suspension and Stop of Paid Services)

      A. Members who are using paid services can request payment cancellation (withdrawal of subscription) from the company within 7 days from the date of payment only if they have not used the paid service at all.

      B. Withdrawal of subscription can be made by a member by e-mail or customer inquiry on the website, and it takes effect when his/her intention of withdrawal is expressed to the company and reaches the company. And the company will reply to the member without delay after receiving the member's expression of intention.

      C. The company shall refund the member in the same way as the payment within 3 business days from the date of the member’s expression of intent, unless there is a special circumstance in the company regarding the cancellation or termination of the contract to the member. If a refund is not possible in the same way, you must notify the member in advance.

      D. In the case of refunding the above payment, if a member pays by means of a payment method such as a credit card or mobile phone, the company requests the operator who provided the payment method to suspend or cancel the payment for goods, etc., but this may not be the case where refunds cannot be made in the same way

      E. The company may restrict, suspend, or stop the provision of all or part of the paid service in the event of any of the following cases. In this case, the company will notify the member in advance of the reason for suspension and the period of suspension as much as possible.

      1. Equipment inspection and maintenance for the purpose of service improvement for users
      2. In case of unavoidable circumstances for the company's urgent system inspection, extension, replacement, facility repair or construction
      3. When the company deems it necessary for system replacement, etc. of paid services
      4. When it is impossible to provide normal paid service due to system or service facility failure, wired/wireless network failure, or congestion of paid service use
      5. In case of force majeure beyond the control of the company, such as natural disasters, national emergencies, power outages, etc.

      F. The company may temporarily suspend the provision of all or part of the paid service without notice in unavoidable cases, and in this case, the reason and period of suspension shall be notified to the member without delay.

      G. The company compensates for damages suffered by members due to Article 15 Paragraph B. However, this is not the case if there is no intention or negligence on the part of the company.