Are you tired of recording meetings and lectures?
Are you having trouble watching videos due to language barriers?
TkitaNote is your solution.

Tkita Note automatically converts your voice to text, records it,
and translates it into your preferred language

Real-time recording and conversion

Voice from the recording or the video is converted into text and displayed in real time.

Caption service

Through the subtitle, you can check the recorded voice in real time, and there is multilingual subtitles function for automatic translation.

Easy to save and share files

You can easily save and share files in the file formats (txt, docx, wav) that suits your purpose.

TkitaNote Live Caption

You can listen to an online class or a video lecture in your preferred language and you can search for information in the course content recorded in text.

The global subtitle service breaks down the language barrier and lets you enjoy various video contents.

TkitaNote Live Meeting

You can effectively save time and money required for holing a video conference or group chat by sending online invitation and recording all conversations in real time.

Basic service

TkitaNote Live Caption

month 4,900KRW (120 minutes per day)~

Voice recording(and video audio recording)

Real-time STT conversion (Korean, English)

Export contents (txt, docx, hwpx, wav)

TkitaNote Live Meeting

month 29,800KRW (480 minutes per day)

Record teleconferences via online participant invitation

Create and join groups

Voice recording and real-time text conversion

Export contents (txt, docx, hwpx, wav)

TkitaNote Live Caption

+ Subtitle conversion package

month 35,600KRW (480 minutes per day)

Voice recording (480 minutes per day, video audio recording supported)

Real-time STT conversion (Korean, English)

Subtitle Conversion Service (srt)

Export contents (txt, docx, hwpx, wav)

Automatic translation service

5,000KRW (per 300 minutes)~

Available languages(13)

Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mongolian

Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Filipino, Malay

Uzbek, Indonesian

※ Additional service separate application is basic service.

Available only during use.

Contact Information

A company that opens up a more advanced network platform

AirSound is an ICT company that provides wireless microphone systems and MOM writing services based on sound technology and voice recognition technology. AirSound aims to increase the value of human communication and create a world where people can communicate freely and understand life more deeply.


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